1 min readJul 3, 2021


Noteworthy publication is not…worthy

On June 26, I self-published a story. Two days later, Noteworthy reached out to me.
Sam wanted my story to be part of his publication.
Why not, right?

When I saw his note on my story, I instantly remembered some comments on a Facebook group where other writers complained about Noteworthy publication.

The publication owner and editors added writers without reaching out to them first or asking them to add their story to the publication but never actually accept the story after they agreed.

Since I had nothing to lose adding my story to Noteworthy, I agreed and submitted it a few hours from Sam’s message.

Today, July 3, my story is still self-published.

Sam or whoever in charge of adding it to Noteworthy never bothered to accept my story.

Those comments on Facebook’s groups were genuine.
Some people are just looking for attention and don’t care about other writers’ stories.




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