You Are Not Welcome to Spam Your Stories in the Comments Section of Mine

Be advised, I will report you!

3 min readJul 17, 2021


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For the past six months, I’ve rarely been active on Medium.

Besides having another platform to write for, one of the reasons was the presence of spammers and people practicing “tag bombing” — check Aimée Gramblin’s story for more info about tag bombing.

How annoying is it when someone leaves a comment under your story just to add a link to theirs? The irritating practice is called “spomment”.

Obviously, it was happening in association with stories having several views, mostly external.

Medium lately cleaned up the platform from thousand of fake profiles created just intending to promote their stories and external content instead of creating engagement within the platform.

An example of what happened when Medium took care of the problem can be found in S M Mamunur Rahman’s story on how Illumination lost 63K followers overnight!

So, if Medium took care of the problem, why am I complaining?

The last episode

A few days ago, I wrote a story that is having significant success, and many writers are leaving comments sharing their experiences.

One writer posted two of her stories along with her comment; I saw she has just a few followers, and I took a look at her stories and gave her a couple of advice.

Shame on me for trying to be friendly (and trying to promote another of my stories) with someone I thought was new on the platform.

I misunderstood her intention because I recently noticed she wrote the exact same comment in response to another writer comment under the same story!!!

She didn’t even bother to rewrite the comment; she just pasted it.

I love to support other writers. I like to link their stories in my text if they are relevant to mine and valuable to the reader.




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